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Crashpad EVOTECH srebrny

Anbausatz + Pad Evotech silber
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Crashpad EVOTECH srebrny
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Evotech's new anti-shock crash pads are designed and manufactured to absorb impact in the event of a fall.

This means that the impact is absorbed by the slider and does not act directly on the frame.

In the event of a fall, the slider is pushed onto a specially designed spacer of increasing diameter. This leads to a deformation of the slider, whereby the energy caused by the impact is reduced.



The slider of the crash pad consists of a plastic mixture containing glass fiber. It combines high impact absorption and abrasion resistance with low friction on the asphalt. In this way, the pad slides on the asphalt without unduly wear or dangerous blockages.

The aerodynamic shape of the crash pad not only gives the bike a more aggressive look, but also reduces the possibility of the slider hitting an obstacle on impact.

The plastic pads are also engraved with a graduated scale, which gives an indication of the impact resistance in the event of a fall.

The main part of the crash pad is made of billet aluminum in aircraft quality and is designed for a long life in a black anodized coating. Both the diameter and the cross section are calculated consuming, in order to further reduce the burden of the frame in the event of a fall.

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